To find the Signal within the Noise.

How do we Restore health?

Everyone seems to have an answer. Celebrity doctors and journalists, their books and television appearances and the internet, including your helpful friends on social media are only too happy to provide an avalanche of information, most of it seemingly conflicting or unconnected. Some of it is good science and some of it is bad.  And some people do bad things with good science. How do you determine which is which? When I read a book by a journalist, clinician, scientist or guru, I bring almost 20 years of experience in biomedical research and clinical environments to its critical review.  
The Galenus protocol looks at Metabolism with a Systems Biology approach and teaches others how to evaluate health-oriented methods by knowing the “nuts & bolts” of these methods based on current research.  People tend to get health advice as floating bubbles of information distinct from one another: some sleep advice here, exercise advice there and carbohydrate opinions-a-plenty!  This makes us play ‘Whack-a-mole’ with our health efforts, with some efforts undermining others before we realize the game has a learnable pattern.

You will learn the step-wise method in which health goals must be accomplished to prevent pain and suffering.  Pain is definitely not gain, despite what you have heard.  You have to know the rules before you can break them. 

With an overwhelming majority of people in poor health due to lifestyle choices (informed, misinformed or otherwise), we face certain economic crises with so many dependent on the Healthcare system while not contributing proportionally economically. Half of those retiring have nothing saved and  1 in 5 jobs are soon expected to be displaced by automation, 10% in 2019 alone and 21.3% of us need public assistance and our expectations of having anytime-access to the most up-to-date healthcare technology is waxing, not waning. Our need for it, sadly, is skyrocketing.  And indeed, the poorest among us are the least healthy.

A grand new economic paradigm may be on the horizon to balance this situation and it will come with growing pains and pangs.
The time to get healthy is now. Your health is your independence. 

It is the nature of science to change and move, yet it is the nature of the Government to occasionally write current scientific opinions (influenced by politics and lobbyists) into stone via guidelines and regulations.  Your physician works from regulations set by the Government.  Though your Doctor took an oath of “Primum Non Nocere” (First, do no Harm), with whom does your doctor’s allegiance lie when current science moves away from mandated guidelines?  Science moves faster and faster- logarithmically, even.  Bureaucracies only bog down and crawl.   Do not dive into the stress of this paradox.  The time to get healthy is now-on your own. 


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