A recent study from UNC determined that 88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy, even if not overweight.  One third of us are diabetic or pre-diabetic. Half of us have heart or arterial disease.  For those of us presently reaching age 85, there is a 1 in 2 chance we will develop Alzheimer’s disease, which Scientists are calling “Type-3 Diabetes” and occurrence is expected to increase dramatically.  The trajectory of the progression of these diseases and others under the umbrella term “Metabolic Syndrome” points to environment and lifestyle choices, not genetics. Doctors, journalists, government guidelines and all of the information on the internet and bookstore shelves have not been able to slow this epidemiological tidal wave.

Further, Covid-19 has shown us that Co-morbidities from self-induced metabolic disease greatly increases mortality from that infection.  

Galenus Metabolic will offer personal or group metabolic consultation & education, public speaking,  and Health Coaching services.  But we’re not live just yet!  This website is not optimized for mobile devices.